Campus Manitoba welcomes students back to school

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Campus Manitoba’s Virtual Help Desk took some time out of the office during September’s orientation to welcome Manitoba’s post-secondary students back to campus.

Since 2015, we’ve used orientation as an opportunity to talk to new and returning students about eCourses Manitoba. This year we spent two days at the University of Manitoba’s All About U Expo and had a booth at Brandon University’s Community Day.

Connecting with students at orientation

Orientation is one of the busiest weeks of the year on Manitoba’s campuses. Campus Manitoba staff were stationed in the Curry Place Pedway at the University of Manitoba to help welcome students back to school during the All About U Expo. We were on hand to answer questions and demo the website. There was also a draw for a great prize.

In order to enter the draw, students filled out ballots with their career interests and post-secondary plans. They were eager to let us know what they’re up to. Since it was an orientation event, it came as no surprise that 88 of the 118 ballot entries were first year students, with 52 of them in University 1 and 13 in Science. The top career interests were Nurse and Doctor. First-year students had a sense of humour, too, with career choices like Superman’s Girlfriend and Business Tycoon!

At BU’s Community Day, the most popular programs were Science and Psychology. For career choices, we connected with several future teachers and counselors. One of the more interesting responses was from a student who aspires to work in Travel Documentary Production. We wish all students luck in pursuit of their career goals!

Sarah Nantais and DawnDena Gordon at Brandon University's Community Day to showcase eCourses MB for orientation.

Sarah Nantais and DawnDena Gordon at Brandon University’s Community Day.

The University of Manitoba and eCourses MB

The University of Manitoba has partnered with Campus Manitoba for over 20 years to help students from across the province access online courses. They have over 180 online courses available on eCourses MB in a variety of subject areas, including Business, Management, & Leadership, Indigenous Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, Sciences, Environment, and Community Services. We work closely with the University of Manitoba to make these online learning opportunities available on eCourses.

Students from across the province use eCourses Manitoba to find online courses that fit their educational goals. Since 2015, we’ve facilitated over 300 registrations for courses at the University of Manitoba.

Brandon University and eCourses MB

Campus Manitoba has also partnered with Brandon University for over 20 years to ensure students have access to flexible learning. Over 300 students from Brandon University have used eCourses Manitoba since 2014 to connect with online learning opportunities.

Brandon University also has unique program offerings on eCourses MB, where you can find online courses toward a Master of Education.

Thanks to our partners

Campus Manitoba would like to extend thanks to the University of Manitoba and Brandon University for hosting us at their campuses for orientation. We look forward to another year of working together to make eCourses Manitoba the number one destination in Manitoba for online courses!

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