5 tips for making Set Your Course work for you

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Set Your Course
There are tons of careers in Manitoba. Start browsing today.

Choosing a college or university can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what kind of career you want. SetYourCourse.ca is Manitoba’s go-to resource for help with choosing the career you want and planning the Manitoba-based education that will help prepare you for it.

Set Your Course is a career information website that holds occupational insight on over 400 careers. We provide stats on the demand for different jobs, their wage ranges, and a description of what they entail. We also link you to programs offered by the different institutions in Manitoba.

Whether you are in high school and thinking about your future, or ready to change your career, Set Your Course has the information you need to make smart decisions. Below we have rounded up some tips from our Campus Manitoba team to help make Set Your Course work for you.

1. Start Browsing!

If you’re unsure where to begin, your best bet is to start poking around the site and see everything that is available. It can be overwhelming to decide on which careers you want to learn more about, so the ‘Discover Careers’ section is an excellent place to start. Ever wonder what a Veterinarian gets paid? Wonder no longer!  Interested in finding out which institutions can help you get a career in law? Set Your Course can help with that too. 

2. We link you to career planning tools to help get you started.

Let’s be honest – career planning is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our site links both you and your parents to a variety of resources to help reduce some of the stress that goes along with making decisions about your future.

3. The Set Your Course Dropdown menu is your friend.

Seems obvious – but if you want to see everything that our website has to offer, use the dropdown menu. It gives you a quick snapshot of the many ways that Set Your Course can work for you.

4. Speak to our virtual help desk.

Our virtual help desk is available during regular workday hours. Use it to start a live chat with a Campus Manitoba employee who can answer questions, point you to resources, or help you navigate SetYourCourse.ca.

The help desk navigators have years of experience working with students and our partner institutions. They can point you to resources on the websites of many different institutions and government websites, such as Student Aid and Immigration.

5. A starting place for information on Financial Aid.

Set Your Course
Check out support that is available in Manitoba.

Found a career that makes your heart sing? Perfect! Now that you know what education you need to get there, let us link you to financial aid resources within Manitoba. School isn’t cheap, so figuring out how you will pay for your education is an essential step in your planning process.

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