Global Online Learning Summit Wrap-Up

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Set within the skyscrapers and bustle of downtown Toronto, the Global Online Learning Summit welcomed educators, facilitators and business professionals from around the world. Campus Manitoba’s Carley McDougall took in the Summit for three days of learning, sharing and discussing educational technology, best practices and the future of online learning.

This ‘two-for-one’ conference, hosted by Contact North, held more than 100 interactive and practical sessions. The dual conference had lots to offer, with corporate and higher-education learning tracks that focused on the following themes:

  • Access, Openness and Flexibility
  • Course Design, Development and Delivery
  • Assessment, Analytics and Student Success
  • Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy
  • Managing Changes for Results

Q: What was one thing you learned?

Carley: This year, I was very interested in learning more about accessibility in teaching and learning. It was wonderful to see how educators and organizations are working to increase access to education and the technologies that are making it possible. I was very interested in learning about Rumie. It’s a not-for-profit organization that provides free access to educational materials for some of our most vulnerable populations.

Q: What was one thing that inspired you?

Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, keynote speaker at 2019 Global Online Learning Summit.
Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, Keynote speaker, discussing the future of online learning.

Carley: I really enjoyed hearing from Keynote speaker Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, Chief Innovation Officer at Contact North. He spoke about the future of online learning and training and the drivers of change that are affecting the educational landscape. Furthermore, Murgatroyd emphasized the importance of embracing new ways of learning and thinking. He discussed how technology will not only change what we do but also how we do it. However, he was clear to note that while technology supports learning, it doesn’t create it.

Q: Who did you most enjoy hearing from?

Carley: I was looking forward to hearing the preliminary results of the 2019 National Survey of Online Learning in Canadian Post-Secondary Education. This survey (and data) is the first of its kind in Canada and provides important insights for educators, administrators and policymakers. The data can be used as a way to advocate for additional funding, highlight the gaps within your province and future institutional strategic planning.

Q: What was one thing that moved or impacted you?

Carley: I was really moved by the session ‘Learning Offline in an Online World: Our Trek into Corrections and Technology.’ The panel discussed the collaboration between Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) and Rumie. Mostly how they are working on solutions to provide access to education to our most vulnerable populations. Whether it is due to incarceration, geography or online vulnerability.

Q: What is one thing you hope to see going forward?

Carley: I hope to continue to see the passion in which educators are working to adapt and evolve in this ever-changing world. As technology continues to advance, I hope we continue to focus on the learner’s journey and how the technology can support it.

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