Breaking Down Labour Market Information: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Benefits You

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Labour market information (LMI) includes reports, studies, and forecasts. It highlights the availability and location of jobs throughout the province of Manitoba.

At first glance, LMI can be intimidating. A quick Google search for ‘Manitoba labour market information’ produces a mass of results, and sorting through several resources while trying to interpret the information can be overwhelming. Luckily, Set Your Course breaks down LMI and provides you with the resources that you need to help you on your career planning journey.

Picture of dark room with lit question mark on wall. What is Labour Market Information?
What is Labour Market Information? (Unsplash)

Why is Labour Market Information important?

You want to find a career that aligns with your interests, but you also want a job. LMI offers you information that saves you time and energy when choosing a career. It guides your search by showing things like job trends, which industries are hiring, expected salaries, and where jobs are located. LMI also highlights the skills employers are looking for and the training/education needed for specific occupations.

How can I find LMI?

When looking for LMI, you want to make sure you are accessing reliable sources. A great example is the Government of Canada’s Job Bank, where you can filter your search by careers of interest and see LMI for each province.

If you are looking to stay in Manitoba and only want to see MB-specific LMI, you can visit Set Your Course and search one of our 400+ careers listed on the site. Set Your Course also provides you with the educational pathways here in Manitoba, where you can study and train for your chosen career.

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LMI can be overwhelming to navigate. We’re here to help. (Unsplash)

What do I do with LMI?

LMI provides you with insight into the opportunities available to you. This includes job postings, employment rates, labour market statistics, industry trends, and general occupation information. This is beneficial at many stages in your life, including career planning or current job searches. Earlier this month, our career planning blog talked about finding your passions, interests, and skills. Stay ahead of the game by ensuring that your ideal occupation overlaps with your skills, interests, and opportunities.

Whether you’re just starting to plan your career or you’re in the market for a new job, LMI is a valuable tool. Discover and explore Manitoba’s labour market information with Set Your Course.

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