The Next Heroes of Education: A Briefing

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From March 2-6 this year, we celebrated Open Education Week: a global recognition of the ongoing work in all levels of education to incorporate Open Educational Resources (OERs) into Teaching and Learning.

During the week, we shared content and engaged in discussion to better understand the Open Education landscape in Manitoba.

We also released important mission briefings on our social channels. Open Education is growing, and we want you to be a part of it. Perhaps more than ever, Open Education represents a way to enhance teaching and learning, especially as you move toward online and digital tools for your courses.

The mission has been set. Now, with our help, you have the opportunity to carry it forward.

Here’s how:

Briefing 1: Know Your Purpose

Open Education allows you to freely access and customize your teaching/learning materials to best suit your pedagogical needs. OERs (Open Educational Resources) are an avenue to increase your academic freedom, so let’s get started.  

Briefing 2: Know Your Responsibility: Review, Adapt, Adopt

As a subject-matter expert in your area of study, there are a few ways you can advance the Open Education movement. We want to help, so here is what we recommend:  

Review: ensure the quality of OERs for users around the world.

Adapt: customize the resource to fit your needs.

Adopt: adopt the resource into your course.

You can choose any or all of these actions. Any contribution you make promotes equal access to OERs that are accessible, dynamic, accurate and diverse.  This is academic freedom in the truest sense.

Briefing 3: Know Your Means: Creative Commons

This organization makes open licenses possible, and so it is central to the Open Education movement. There are six Creative Commons (CC) licenses that give you freedom to access, distribute and contribute to OERs. Visit to learn more.

Briefing 4: Know Your Motives: Faculty Benefits

It’s important to know how OERs help you as a faculty member. The ability to tailor texts to your course gives you full academic freedom to teach the most current and useful information to your students. It also raises your academic profile, as you share your expertise through reviews or adapting resources. Go forth!

Briefing 5: Know Who You Are Helping: Student Benefits

OERs make education more accessible for students who struggle to afford commercial textbooks. Through Open Education, students gain immediate and affordable access to the most powerful and current information in their chosen field. They’re becoming experts just like you, and Open Education ensures that.

This completes your mission briefings. Should you complete this assignment, know that you are improving access to education in Manitoba, and worldwide. For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Open Team at

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